Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It means whale’s vagina...

We went out of town to San Diego on a whim and, as luck will have it, there was a skate/snowboard dealer event going on that weekend. Needless to say, our hotel overlooked an elaborate A&R tiki party with a mechanical bull and a giant, erupting volcano. You just can't plan this shit. It was hilarious to watch the young, A&R rep hopefuls getting wasted and lasting 1.5 seconds on the mechanical bull before being tossed into the air and splatting onto the mat. Then, oddly, there were dancing cheerleaders that did a choreographed pop and lock to Paula Abdul on the makeshift parquet floor. Until the nerdy guys started closing in on them, taking pictures and trying to hug them.

Somehow, for me, this sums up San Diego.